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Have your best birth

Doulas and Midwives

   The concept of birthdays can radically change after you give birth. It’s when you are reminded of your birth and the day you first met your child.

   When a mother isn’t properly supported during childbirth, the experience has been described as dehumanizing because of the institutional routines of control and interventions. On the other hand, a mother provided with continuous support, from a person who is trained, outside of the mother’s family/friend network, and present to solely provide her with supportive care, finds she is confident in her abilities, has an improved experience, and hastened labor progress.

   A recent Cochrane study confirmed that birthing mothers value and benefit from continuous labor support which includes reassurance, advice on coping techniques, comfort measures, encouraging mom to speak for herself, and information on labor progress. These benefits include: spontaneous birth (without induction), vaginal birth over cesarean birth, less episiotomies, use of forceps, and pain medication; shorter labor, increased newborn APGAR scores, and lower likelyhood of suffering from postpartum depression.

   Doulas and midwives are the key leaders of this type of continuous labor support. They are trained and experienced in providing this type of care and are a valued asset to any birth team.

   Doulas are trained and experienced in all types of labor and birth and in how to provide the best experience in each of those situations. A doula is present through the last few weeks of pregnancy, the entire birth at any birth location—home birth, birth center or hospital, and through postpartum. In fact, the hospital is where the doula is most valued to assist in having the best birth achievable. Midwives are licensed medical care providers and responsible in the medical wellbeing of both mom and baby from pregnancy through postpartum. When hired together, a mother is ensured a very private, personal and empowering birth that will be life changing.

   Having a good birth, whatever that looks like to you, is one of the most important moments in a family’s life. If you are one of the Acadiana women looking for more from your birth, consider hiring a doula and/or a midwife as part of your team for your upcoming birth. 

39% decrease in risk of Cesarean

10% decrease in medications

31% decrease in birth dissatisfaction

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