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Growth challenge time Growth challenge time
By Kelly Mouisset  “For I will restore Health to you and heal you of your wounds, declares the Lord”  ~ Jeremiah 30:17     Some of... Growth challenge time

By Kelly Mouisset 

For I will restore Health to you and heal you of your wounds, declares the Lord”  ~ Jeremiah 30:17 

   Some of things you will hear from people who have attended a Growth Challenge are, “This program changed my life!” or “I’m not the same person I was before I attended.” Others have said, “I want everyone I know to do this.” 

   Growth Challenge is a 3-phased program to DISCOVER your true God-given identity, DECLARE that identity anchoring it deep in your heart to then ACT out of that identity with intention and purpose in your life. 

   Growth Challenge is not about changing who you are but rather remembering who you were created to be. This truth is not lost to you, it’s just buried, protected deep in your heart because it has not been safe to show the real you or because you have been wearing a mask and have come to believe that it is who you are! 

   Growth Challenge supports people to lose the baggage of the past that can linger and keep us stuck. This program is designed to walk it out with people—not the regular conference hype we have all experienced from a motivational speaker who comes, shares an amazing message and is gone. NO! Growth Challenge is built on a community of people to do life with and carry us in the hard times with prayer, encouragement and action. The GC community is the hands of feet of Jesus to each other and the community at large, making a difference in Acadiana and beyond!   

   Invest in yourself and save your seat at the next GC1 on July 23-25, 2021, or invest in your teen at GCTeen on July 30-August 1, 2021. Let’s give them a jumpstart in life!  

To register for GC call The Kitchen Table Counseling & Life Coaching 337.889.0221 or check them out at their website  

Kelly Mouisset is a Certified Life Coach specializing in overcoming your past to create a healthy future. She and her husband Chris have been married for 31 years and are the parents of three amazing men!