Grab a book, improve your life Grab a book, improve your life
Grab a book, improve your life

Acadiana authors get you started

Recently, we learned adults of all ages couldn’t name or haven’t read a book in over a year (one of those late-night-talk-show-sidewalk-interview deals). Our passion for written word led us to wrangle up local authors to share their books and get your summer reading list started! reported in March that 24% of adults haven’t read a book in any format the last 12 months. That’s frightening! Reading helps connect neural pathways in the brain and keeps it elastic and active. The elderly see a 32% decrease in mental decline with continued reading daily, and because you have to remember what you read, new memories create new synapses and engages existing ones, improving short-term memory and recall ( Not to mention what it does for your vocabulary and reasoning skills. Support local talent and get reading!

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