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Golf is My Life: Glorifying God Through the Game Golf is My Life: Glorifying God Through the Game
Golf is My Life: Glorifying God Through the Game

An Interview with author Jon Decker

By Jim Phelps

Jon Decker has been a PGA member for 20 years, and has trained under two top 100 teachers. Although he dreamed of being a tour player for many years, he ultimately fell in love with teaching and continues to teach, today. 

Years ago, in high school, Jon was extremely sick, battling bronchitis. On one long night, in an unusual dream, he heard the powerful voice of God say, “I am the Alpha. I am the Omega. I am the beginning, and I am the end.” 

Jon raised his hands in the air and said, “Jesus, please take me.” The Light in his dream replied, “It’s not your time, you have much work to do.” This life-changing dream showed Jon he was part of Jesus, that all believers are part of Jesus, and when he awoke, he was completely healed.  

“I knew my entire life that the dream was going to be part of something that was going to happen in my life,” Jon shared. “I didn’t know what. I didn’t know it was going to be involved around the game of golf, but as I started teaching the game of golf, stories of my life started flooding my mind. I knew, after ten years of teaching, that God wanted me to write a book.” 

The title of his book is Golf is My Life: Glorifying God Through the Game.  In the book, he intertwines Scripture, a life story, and a golf story. This book is about discovering your purpose—even when it’s not centered around golf—and seeing how God uses this journey to glorify Himself. A Bible study has also been developed to accompany the book. These resources can be used to encourage us to use our skill sets to glorify God.  

Find inspiration by getting a copy of Golf is My Life at and other book outlets. You can also LISTEN to our interview HERE: 

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