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God’s peace God’s peace
God’s peace

Fear has no place here

By Kelly Mouisset


I was home sick from work one Monday and had just taken some medicine and crawled into bed when my husband came home from running his errands. We exchanged the details of our morning and as he began to take off his jacket I noticed a strange look on his face that I had not seen before. I immediately asked if he was okay, to which he replied, “Yes, I’m fine.” We both knew otherwise. He had been having a few chest pains that were coming and going the last few days, but the look on his face told me something different was happening. Within the hour we were at the emergency room and soon after, we acquired a couple new stents.

Rewind about 15 years and we were in a very similar situation. My husband had a heart attack at 38 and as we sat on the hospital bed together the most intense peace came over both of us after hearing the words, “It was a heart attack.” I remember asking him if he was scared and he quickly replied, “No” and neither was I. It was the most amazing feeling to be in the middle of such a struggle, yet feel God’s presence. We had both put this issue in God’s hands and decided then and there that it was God’s struggle, not ours.

It has not been an easy 15 years but the peace remains. We make a choice each day, sometimes each hour, to trust that anything God brings us to, He will certainly walk with us through it.

Placing our lives and our struggles at the foot of the Cross isn’t easy, but it is powerful. He will handle our worry, fear and anxiety if we just let go of trying to make things happen and let go and let God take the lead.


“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you.” (John 14:27 NIV)

Kelly Mouisset is the Director of One Minute Ministry,, which provides daily devotionals and family friendly events. She is the loving wife of Chris and mother of three amazing young men! 

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