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God Only Knows

Interview with Luke Smallbone of for KING & COUNTRY

   Grammy award-winning brothers, Joel and Luke Smallbone, make up the Christian band duo for KING & COUNTRY. Covenant Spotlight recently had the opportunity to speak to Luke about the motivation for one particular hit song—God Only Knows from the Burn the Ships album.

   Luke says the song was inspired by a multitude of letters from some of the listeners, describing how the songs had actually saved them from suicide. A single letter “would be amazing in and of itself,” he discloses, “but it was the amount of letters” that struck a cord. “It’s not just 10. It’s not just 20. It’s literally hundreds and hundreds of letters over the course of our career.”

   Reading the letters was heartbreaking for the two brothers. When they began to realize many of their listeners “should be the most connected generation in the history of the world because of smart devices, yet they have found themselves”—as he coins them—”the millennial generation, or the lonely generation.” For reasons that cannot be fully articulated, Luke reluctantly expresses, “we are incredibly lonely people.” 

   “Loneliness leads to depression,” he explains, “and depression can potentially lead to suicide.” With this in mind, the band wanted to write a song “to say God knows all the things we’ve gone through. God knows the thoughts of your mind. God knows the things that have been said about you.” 

   Luke gladly boasts “there’s a kind of love that God only knows. [It] is an amazing thing that God knows all the things said about us and all we’ve walked through…and He still has this unbelievable extravagant love for us!”

   That’s a thought, he says, that encourages him though he has never struggled with depression or suicidal thoughts. However, Luke and his brother would be some of the first to acknowledge that they “can see where loneliness and disconnection can lead to such thoughts.” Even so, our God can conquer it all!


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