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God is at Work:

Interview with Dr. Mike Ansari

By Jim Phelps

Dr. Mike Ansari was born into a nominal Muslim family in Iran. His family left Iran nearly 30 years ago, and he now resides in the United States. Dr. Ansari serves as Director of Operations for Mohabat TV, which is a partnership of various Christian ministries that have come together to bring the Gospel to the Farsi-speaking Muslims of the Persian world. A significant focus is placed on the Muslims of Iran.

In a recent interview with Dr. Ansari, he tells us, “Iran, by the virtue of being a persecuted nation, people really do not get a chance to hear about the Gospel. The moment you tell them you’re talking about a God who is love, they gravitate to it, because their image and perception of God is a vengeful, angry God that is there to smite them if they don’t walk the walk and they don’t follow the rules.”

Dr. Ansari went on to share that one of the highlights of Mohabat TV “is when we get calls and responses from people who want to find out more about Jesus. Every single one of those is a highlight. Our ministry receives, roughly, about 700 contacts per day from Muslims. An average of about 93 or 94 of those people, every day, make a decision for Christ. That’s roughly about four every hour. That tells us something. God is at work. The Spirit of God is moving. God is building His church in this persecuted land.”

Some of the calls and responses have been recorded in Dr. Ansari’s book, The Forbidden Stories, and he says, “they are all powerful! Every single testimony in its own right talks about the redemptive power of the blood of Jesus Christ.”

Dr. Ansari has asked us to pray for him. Specifically, he’s asking us to pray for wisdom, God’s anointing, and God’s favor. Please learn more about Dr. Mike Ansari and his ministry by visiting heart4iran.com.

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