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Catching up with Congressman Higgins

  Just a month away from elections, we caught up with Representative Higgins after his time home for Lake Charles recovery work, on his focus now and for a future term. Here is what he had to say, and how you can reach out to his team and his campaign for help or support.


CSpotlight: Our readers share concerns about the sanctity of life, freedom of speech and religion, the right to bear arms, the ability to provide a good education to their children, and more—how are you working to preserve these biblical and constitutional values/rights?

Higgins: Our rights are from God. The Constitution clarifies those rights. My path is to uphold our Constitution, and from bended knee, I seek our Savior’s guidance, His illuminated path, which helps me to navigate the challenges that confront America. Quite frankly, without prayer, without the Word, I am without armor. My worthiness to serve America is dependent upon God’s whisper, deep within me. To me, God and Country are inseparable.


CSpotlight: Specific to your district and our state, what are your goals for this next term?

Higgins: My goals of service to “We, the People,” reflect the core principles which guide me. I am humble enough to know that at every gate to the future stands 10,000 sentinels of the past. Our Congressional office has earned rank in Congress, and the respect of my colleagues. We will leverage our earned leadership for the betterment of Louisiana, and by extension, for America, and ultimately for all children of God. Our goal is to be worthy of the mission at hand, every day, every hour, for every American Patriot, including those innocent souls yet unborn. Including our poor and most vulnerable, our elders, our sickly. Our goals are both lofty and humble. We shall lead, and we shall serve.


CSpotlight: What do your constituents need to know here in Louisiana?

Higgins: My constituents need to hear the answers to these questions, posed as they have been, from your own goodwill towards our community. Answered, as they’ve been, unscripted, from my heart. Every word here is solid truth. Every constituent matters to me. I serve at the will of “We, the People,” in the shadow of our glorious flag which waves above us all, under the watchful eye of our loving and forgiving Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. So help me God.


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