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Givers, not takers: Givers, not takers:
Givers, not takers:

Are you ready for the challenge?

By Jason J. Bland, CEO & Founder of Trinity Outdoors Disabled Adventures, LLC


   Happy New Years! As the ball drops and millions of people bring in the New Year with drinking, drugs, and a party atmosphere, my prayers are for those people to make it home safe. But what if, just what if that night or a different night of the year brings about an accident that injures yourself or another person? As another example, imagine that the perfect family that attends your local church, are living a double life. One minute this image of the Godly life is portrayed, and the next minute brings about some person we do not know. Both are examples that we can take whatever life brings us—but what if you were a giver? 

Our mission

   In 2019, Trinity Outdoors Disabled Adventures set out on a mission to continue to bless those who are in need, by giving individuals and their families trips to bring awareness, empowerment and the encouragement these individuals can accomplish anything they put their minds to. It also has been our mission to bring people with addictions into an environment where we can serve others—giving back the gift of life to not only those in need, but also a way for us as leaders to give back for our self-worthiness. 

   The staggering figures about those with addictions is that 80% of addicts love helping others. Do you know why? Well, it is because we cannot help ourselves, so by finding that group or organization to serve, it brings a way for us to serve others.

   Throughout the year of 2019 and moving into the new year of 2020, getting involved or supporting a ministry-related group like Trinity Outdoors Disabled Adventures, or other groups such as New Beginnings Lake Charles or Bethel Colony South Men’s Transformation Center of New Orleans plus many others, offer this exact way of GIVING back. 

Our purpose

Over the last 10 years since T.O.D.A. began, we have seen countless lives change for the better because of people’s willingness to surrender their own selfish ways, and to see how the smile of disabled person brings joy to a life we think was once limited. As a person with a disability, I have been around long enough to boldly say that, “People with disabilities are ALWAYS givers in my book, and not takers.” 

   Also, long ago a pastor friend, Tommy Faulk Sr., said these exact words to me, “Have you ever thought that the name Trinity Outdoors Disabled Adventures can refer to those who are not saved and lost as being disabled?” In fact, that confirmation was 100% on. This man of God was right. Being disabled doesn’t just apply to physical disabilities, but being spiritually depleted also. 

True recovery

   These examples have played a huge part not only in my recovery, but also in 11 great years of running this 501c3 nonprofit group. On a recent trip to Natchez, Mississippi at Settoon Construction Ranch, and in Three Rivers, Texas at Circle T Wildlife and Goodhope Ranch, we saw the hand of God intervene in the lives of six kids and young adults—but also in seven of the eight leaders on the trip who all have been in recovery from addictions. When you see the smiles on the faces—from the kids to the adults, or the tears of joy of being able to give that last blessing to a kid who is terminally ill, you will see the hand of God touch multiple lives. THAT is the reason why we do what we do. 

Renewal & moving forward   

   During this renewal and commitment in this 2020 New Year, we pray God brings about new fires and ignitions in our lives. Personally, I have prayed long and hard about God sending us the sponsors and volunteers we need to continue this mission, and we are seeing these prayers being answered. Still we need your help. 

   It is a fact that we can say we are the only group in south Louisiana that has kept on going strong and committed to seeing God’s Plan followed through for all these years, in providing outdoor adventures. That is because of the team, leaders, financial sponsors and accountability it takes. So thank you to all who have invested time and support in our continued mission and vision…but we do not want to stop here. So ask yourself, how can I contribute to be a giver in 2020 to make an impact in someone else’s life? Just look at the smiles, and become a part of this fast growing organization.

   A few of our trips this past season including Settoon Ranch, Non Typical Outfitters in Pike County, IL, and to Circle T Wildlife in Three Rivers, Texas are all examples of how renewal of your mind, heart, and soul can continue the fire of the Holy Spirit we all need in our lives. If you think about it, when comes to companies such as these, they also did not know how could helping a nonprofit group could benefit their lives. 

   Well, let’s just say that after joining forces with Trinity Outdoors Disabled Adventures, they have seen their own lives reignited to help others—all with God using our group as a tool to accomplish one goal—and that is blessing others. Or even to see a few beauty queens representing our vision and cause in all areas of the state, just shows you the dedication these young ladies have to see God’s will to be done—bringing more awareness to those with disabilities. 

Dream Big Banquet

   On Saturday, March 7, 2020, we will be putting on our 2020 Acadiana Dream Big Banquet at the Scott Event Center in Scott, LA. We will have a celebrity guest speaker that will bring joy, encouragement and an evening of family fun. 

   Thanks to companies such as Blue Cross Blue Shield of LA, Hanger Clinic, Retzloff Family Partnership, Louisiana Wildlife Agents Association, Creative Edge Professional Concrete Services, State Farm in Scott, Kenjabruch Ag & Equipment, and Farmers Bank & Trust who contributed last year and are continuing to support us again this year. If you want to see exactly what our support and funds are going towards, then come check us out. There will be high definition videos, rustic woodworking items built by folks with disabilities, lots of auctions and much more. There are corporate sponsorships, table sponsors and individual sponsorships available. At this banquet, we are also looking for a company to sponsor our new 2020 Acadiana disabled beauty queen, and, as we speak are looking for participants for the upcoming pageant too. 

Bass Classic & Family Fun Day

   Then, on Saturday, May 2, 2020, if you are a fisherman or outdoor enthusiast, we will be hosting our 7th Annual Bass Classic and Family Fun Field Day at the St. James Parish Boat Club in Gramercy, LA. This event is a huge, 1-day awesome experience in anglers bass fishing, sacalait, brim, and choupique, along with a huge cook-off, kids fishing tournament, and live entertainment. 

   Companies such as United Steel Workers, Shell Oil, Marathon Petroleum, Zeno Grain Corporation, Associated Terminals, Picou Group, LSR, Lofton Staffing, St. John and St. James Sheriff’s Office, Brand Scaffolding, Samuel & Sons, Great River Industries, Hanger Clinic, Noranda, Turner Industries, and many more, all help in making this fundraiser come true. 

   Thanks for the continued support and pray that you continue to support us and follow the blessings God allows us to provide. 

/// DONATE ///

All donations can be mailed to: 

Trinity Outdoors Disabled Adventures

3045 Third Street 

Lake Arthur, LA 70549

Cell (225) 715-9581

Office (337) 774-67533

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