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Full circle attack on the family: Full circle attack on the family:
Full circle attack on the family:

Our boys are paying the price

By Pastor Brandon Trott


   God designs and creates with order and structure. When a manufacturer designs a product it will also create a manual to explain it; likewise God made mankind with structure and order and then gave us instructions on it’s purposes.

Blessing of order

   He made the man first, then the woman (Gen. 2:7-23) as a clear example that He intended for the family to be led by a loving, protective, productive husband and father (Eph. 5:22-24). He created the woman with a unique glory to be the man’s help mate (a picture of God’s humble nature as our helper; Gen.2:18; Ps.54:4). And then instructed them to have children saying, “be fruitful and multiply” (Gen.1:28). He gave them a work to do—cultivating and giving order to creation (Gen.1:26-28). They were given a very simple moral code that embodied the truth that God was Sovereign and they were to submit to His will (by abstaining from the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, Gen. 2:17). All of this was God’s gift of blessing; order is a blessing like no other—disorder is a curse.

Undermining structure

   This family structure was the very thing that Satan undermined in his attack against humanity. Have you ever noticed that Satan did not approach Adam with his subtle questions, but usurped his headship and went to Eve instead? He accused God of lying, claiming their disobedience would make them like gods. But it wasn’t to Eve that God spoke—it was Adam. In the order of events of creation we see man created (Gen.2:7), God’s command concerning the tree (Gen. 2:16-17) and then the woman was made (Gen. 2:21-22). So what Eve knew of God’s command, she heard from Adam, which made him the most responsible to lead his family in obedience to God’s Word.

   However, Adam abdicated this responsibility. After Eve ate the fruit she gave it “to her husband who was with her” (Gen. 3:6). He was there, listening to his wife be lied to, watching her sin—yet doing nothing. He allowed His authority to be usurped and refused to lead his wife. That disorder has thrown humanity into chaos.

   The attack on the leadership of godly men continues still. And it has intensified in our culture over the last several decades; the effects of this social experiment have finally arrived. The family is in ruins. Sex is loose and meaningless, babies are murdered for convenience, marriages fall apart quickly, a high percentage of children are born in single-parent homes, and society is becoming more dysfunctional every day.

The price for boys

   Nobody suffers from this like little boys. They are growing up in homes without fathers. And many of the fathers who are in the home grew up without a healthy example of masculinity themselves, so they don’t really have a healthy vision of how they are to lead and love their families. Even if an individual home is in order, society tells our children to reject it. 

   Boys are frustrated, confused, out of control, and angry (if you don’t believe me, ask a school teacher). They are scared and directionless. Being effeminate is now trendy. Sexual confusion is common. Being a boy is like walking across a minefield (this doesn’t even address the negative effects it has on women).

Healthy masculinity

   If we are going to help these precious young men and society in general, the church must begin to ask God to restore biblical masculinity. We must determine to teach men to be men. We must teach them to love, sacrifice, lead, cover, bless, build and protect their homes—to accept responsibility for the spiritual direction of their families (Jos. 24:15). If we want to see the end of the frequently discussed toxic masculinity, we must shape and mold men to have healthy masculinity.

Brandon is the lead pastor of New Beginning Fellowship Church in Breaux Bridge. His calling is to prioritize Jesus as the center and focus of the church, teach the Word of God, and train others to live out God’s calling for their lives.

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