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Foster the Love Louisiana

A call to action

   In 2018, 8,048 abortions were performed in Louisiana. As Christians taking a pro-life stance, petitioning both God and man for the end of abortion, we must recognize our responsibility to rise up and raise the children born to women who feel they cannot mother the child growing in their womb. If we are going to call for the end of abortion, then we must be willing to answer a call to action—a call to foster and adopt.

   In the state of Louisiana there are, on average, 4,500 children in foster care, yet only 2,500 foster homes. In fact, each year nearly 50% of foster homes close because they lack the support they need to adequately care for the children entering their homes. A deficit of foster homes already exists, therefore, if abortion is to become illegal, we will have more children born into an already stressed child welfare system.

   James 1:22 calls us to be doers of the word and not merely hearers. Just five verses later, we are told that pure and undefiled religion is to look after the orphan in their time of distress. Psalm 68:5 describes God as the Father to the fatherless. Thus, as the Church, we must heed God’s mandate to care for the fatherless, the child in foster care.

   Foster the Love Louisiana was founded to serve as a support and resource center for the foster community. Our mission is to care for the children in the Louisiana foster system, support the families that care for these children, and educate the community of the needs of the foster care system. It is our goal to help recruit great foster families and then support and encourage them in their journey. 

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