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For God & country

Inside the House with Congressman Clay Higgins

   “I have felt His hand upon me in great trials and submitted to His guidance, and I trust that He shall further open the way, I will be ready to walk therein, relying on His help and trusting in His goodness and wisdom.” — Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States, June 1862.

America was born as an anointed nation. President Lincoln recognized that only by God’s divine guidance would our republic survive. Our founding fathers acknowledged natural law. Moral standards that govern human behavior and God’s own voice within us that whispers guidance to our very souls, despite our human nature towards being failed and fallen since Adam. 

The journey

   Every one of us—every American, is on a journey that requires us to measure ourselves, calls upon us to force deep reckoning of our own righteousness or lack thereof, drives us to seek our personal goodness, to embrace the brightly illuminated path that our loving and forgiving Savior has prepared for us. I am on that journey. You are on that journey. May I posit to you, my fellow Americans…that our nation is on that journey, as well.

Deployment of faith

As I move into the furtherance of my mission to serve “We, the People,” I look upon congressional service as a deployment of faith. Faith in God, faith in the path He has prepared for me, faith in His Word which counsels me each day, faith in America as an anointed nation, faith in our citizenry, faith that our history has lent its own thread to our fabric, and faith in our future as a representative republic.

It is a sobering faith, however, for America is indeed threatened. The soul of our nation is imperiled. We face threat of powers and principalities, threats from powerful factions within the bosom of our nation, and threats from barbarism beyond our sovereign shores, which are vowed to destroy America and Christianity itself.

Courage united

Thus, let us move forward courageously. I am prayerful that, as a nation, we reject the darkness of division and vitriol, which has manifested so alarmingly within our political interactions. Our responsibility as Americans—to be worthy of the freedoms we embrace, freedoms paid for by the blood of patriots…mandates that we submit to the whisper of God within our soul. Our Savior’s whisper leads us to patience, love, respect, courage, and faith.

  Stand strong, my brothers and sisters. Stand as Americans should. Together, as one nation, under God.

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