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Apologetics conference coming to Lafayette

“I had so many doubts and questions,” my atheist friend explained. “But every time I tried to talk to someone about them I was either ignored or made to feel ashamed for thinking. So, I eventually decided to leave.”

His story echoes the experience of many who have left the Christian church. Christians and non-Christians have genuine doubts and questions that are often left unvoiced. Why? Today’s church doesn’t have the reputation of a place where questions may be asked and objections raised.

We must recover one of the oldest practices of the church: apologetics. Apologetics is the discipline of defending and articulating the faith. We need apologetics to communicate our belief to a culture that doesn’t understand us and for answering the doubts of Christians too.Faith Forum Workshop is an opportunity for you to be equipped in apologetics, and will be the first conference of its kind in Lafayette. We are bringing in some of the best Christian apologists in Louisiana to offer you top-rate content.

One speaker is Dr. Robert Stewart of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, a first-class scholar in philosophy and apologetics. He has interacted with opponents to Christianity at both academic and popular levels. “Everyone needs to come to Faith Forum Workshop,” Dr. Stewart said. “Every believer who is serious about his or her faith should be able to present and defend the Gospel. Every non-believer who has questions or objections to Christianity needs to have his questions answered or to hear solid responses to his objections. This conference will prove useful to everyone.” At Faith Forum Workshop, he will lead sessions on new atheism and the exclusivity of Jesus as Savior.

As pastors and scholars, all our speakers will be providing content to help you understand the culture we live in and provide an answer for challenges to your faith, covering topics such as Islam, sexual identity issues, Jesus’ resurrection, and how to have conversations about your faith.

Date: September 8-9

Times: 7:00PM-8:30PM Friday & 8:30AM-3:00PM Saturday

Place: Christ Church Northside (800 Jefferson Blvd., Lafayette, LA 70501)

Tickets: $15 from 7/1/17 through 8/25/17; $20 from 8/26/17 through 9/8/17

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