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Spotlight on Owner & Trainer Kandis Joubert

CSpotlight: Why should health and fitness be so much more than just a New Year’s resolution? 

Kandis: God calls us His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works that He’s prepared beforehand (Eph. 2:10). Frankly, that means He wants us healthy and well to do those things, for the long haul, not just for a few weeks after every new year starts. I work in healthcare aside from personal training and statistically speaking, most of our chronic illnesses in this country are totally preventable, but many people simply do not know how to decipher all the noise out there. They are continually fed whatever the latest convenient fitness or dieting trend is, especially this time of year, which are almost always temporary endeavors and oftentimes just set one back further than they were before they began. This being said, roughly 95% of dieters fail and are subject to weight regain within just a few short years, with little to no real improvements to their overall health to show for it. 

   God also tells us to love others as we love ourselves (Mark 12:31). If we cannot love and care for ourselves, we cannot love and care for others the way He calls us to. Therefore, self-care is not selfish. Forsaking God’s will for us and what He says about us, and depriving the world and those we love of experiencing a happier, healthier us because we simply don’t feel like it, or think it’s too hard or inconvenient, is what’s selfish. Taking care of our family is a year-round thing, as is our vocation, and anything else He’s called us to do here in this life, in these bodies. We all have purpose here, and our bodies are the physical vessels through which we fulfill those purposes. 

CSpotlight: How do you take a unique and personal approach with your clients? 

Kandis: I believe fitness has several facets beyond just the physical. There are also mental, spiritual, emotional, environmental, and social facets. All of these play an important role in one’s overall well-being for a healthy balance, because they all affect one another for better or worse.     

   Fitness starts in our mind. I tend to study a bit on how our minds work, why we do what we do or don’t, and there is quite a bit of science behind thisour bodies hear everything our minds say. You have just as much willpower as you think you do. Like Joyce Meyer always says, “Where the mind goes the man follows.” In order to deal with our outward fitness, we have to first deal with our inner fitness, which can sometimes mean recruiting other professionals of course, but as it pertains to training and coaching clients on the physical things like exercise and nutrition, it’s imperative they understand their “why” for wanting to get healthy and fit in the first place. Awareness and clarity precede change 

   We all have valid excuses, we’re all busy, and we all have bad days and unfair setbacks, but when your “why” becomes clear, and it’s talking louder than your negative self-talk and your hardest circumstances, that’s when youll see real transformation and subsequently lasting results. It’s my role to teach and guide a client, to give them the tools they need to succeed, but it’s ultimately their own efforts that gets them where they want to be.  

   So, getting them to identify a significant purpose behind their desired outcome is my main goal, before we even talk about exercises, aesthetics, supplements, macros, meal planning, and all those things that people without a “why” often start with and soon give up on, because helping them plan their course to not only get results but to actually want to continue these new behaviors is what ultimately determines their long-term success. 

   “I was at my heaviest after having my 3rd child. So, I decided I need to do something about my weight. So, I decided to get in touch with Kandis. After 7month training with her, I feel stronger, more flexible, confident in my workouts, and have lost almost 50 pounds! She is very knowledgeable and helps keep you motivated through your journey! I would recommend Kandis to anyone looking to start their fitness journey!” 

~ Tiffany Lajaunie (pictured below) 

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