Covenant Spotlight

Big changes coming to Covenant Spotlight

By J. Christian Lewis, Future Publisher 2022 

   Covenant Spotlight over the past nearly eight years has been a light in the local media scene. Lafayette owes gratitude to Keith and Christy Boutte, its founders, and Jim and Cori Phelps, their successors, for presenting a consistently positive Christian print and online publication. 

   A need exists, perhaps now more than ever, for a credible source of local news from a Christian perspective—a publication that focuses on local government, church, and family issues. My aspiration and hope for the re-boot of Covenant Spotlight is to be just such a publication. The potential is great for Covenant Spotlight to shine light upon both the good and bad in our community through informative and interesting stories. Anyone familiar with World, a national Christian weekly publication, will have a sense of the type of biblically objective journalism we hope to bring to Lafayette.  

   With God’s blessing and the raising up of gifted journalists, Covenant Spotlight, when it returns, will continue its influence for Christ in Lafayette in a new way. To our readers, advertisers, and supporters—I encourage you to join me in this new direction and stay tuned.   

To connect regarding writing for or ad partnerships with the reboot of CSM for 2022, please email