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Equipping the saints Equipping the saints
Equipping the saints

Daily spiritual growth for believers

   In a newly released daily devotional based on Ephesians 4:12, Pastor Carl Comeaux of Drumbeat Discipleship Ministries offers forty, easy-to-read teachings, developed using past sermons given in his ministry. From contentment, to staying silent when we should speak, to expectation, hopelessness, forgiveness and more, each excerpt assists the reader in being a minister of reconciliation for the Lord Jesus Christ in a lost and dying world.   

   “As we are diligent to study the Bible, the Word of God, the Lord will direct us by His Spirit and teach us what we are to say. We must listen for His voice as we study His Word and pray and be obedient in everything He instructs us to do. Then and only then, will we be the ministers that He can use for His glory,” expresses Pastor Comeaux.  

   Here is what one reader had to say:  

   “I am so excited to see that this daily devotional and Bible study guide is finally being published. Along the way, I, among many others, have encouraged you to be yourself and do what God tells you to do. I love and appreciate the way you take complicated scripture and simplify it so that those of us desiring to study the Bible, can understand it better. I look forward to seeing this long-awaited vision come to completion.” ~ Sudie Landry, President of Writers Guild of Acadiana & long-time fan  

   This devotional is a wonderful and inexpensive tool that can be used personally, as well as by those who would like to have something to pass on as a ministry or outreach tool. Grab your copy at and, or reach out to Pastor Comeaux via Facebook today!  

Click on the book image below to get a copy today for just $10!