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EQ Studio Publishing is a full service publishing firm owned by Miriam Douglas. She is the lead creative designer, and walks her clients through the phases of book production with enthusiasm and a desire to see God’s Word change hearts throughout Acadiana. Local authors love working with Miriam to illustrate, copyright, and print their projects.

The Mineral Book

By David McQueen

  The Mineral Book was written to introduce God’s incredible design and beauty in these marvelous crystals He created. As a geologist who has studied rocks and minerals, and as a Christian who believes in the Creator, this book has been a joy both to write and use in my teaching.  

   I have observed crystal structure under the microscope and in large specimens found on all parts of the globe. Teaching students about the beauty and usefulness of minerals is exciting!  Children of all ages enjoy holding minerals and gems as they are taught about how these minerals were formed and the important ways man has discovered that they can be used.  Minerals are truly God’s gifts to us. We can marvel at His creative power, which is an act of worship.  

   My wife, Shirley, has a BS in Education and we would welcome the opportunity to share our mineral collection with you. We have minerals mentioned many times in the Bible (gold, jasper, emerald, agate) as well as many that are used in our daily lives (clay, gypsum, fluorite).  Identifying rocks and minerals that your children bring to us is also educational and fun, as we introduce them to words such as specific gravity, hardness, luster, and streak.  

   Please contact us for dates that we are available to come and do a hands-on workshop with your group. Prof. McQueen’s cell is 318-282-6900, and email is

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