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5 Things

By Kathy B. Nelson

   In a culture saturated in a social media environment, men, fathers and husbands in particular, have been criticized and ridiculed for wanting to be good, and noble and faithful. The proverbial bar has been set at about our knees for the behavior and habits we should tolerate.

   5 Things seeks to raise that bar up to the standard that Jesus has set. The great news is that, though He sets the bar high, He is the equipper of those who want to live accordingly. We know the bible teaches that it is God who is at work within us, both to want to and do what brings Him pleasure.

   This book examines the life of Boaz, a man who loves God and is in love with a woman. We examine 5 characteristics that reflect the nature of God Himself in how Boaz loves—not just Ruth, but all people. We believe each man is created to demonstrate Gods love and every woman is created to need this kind of love.

   What you will find is that when you know how to love your wife in these 5 ways, then you know how to love your children better. And then you begin equipping your boys and girls in these truths as well. What greater gift can a father give than pointing their children in the direction of their Redeemer to learn how to treat each other? We will see more Godly men, boyfriends, husbands and fathers.

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