Eight Days of Hope: A conversation with Stephen Tybor Eight Days of Hope: A conversation with Stephen Tybor
Eight Days of Hope: A conversation with Stephen Tybor

Change a life, and be changed by volunteering

By Cori Phelps

Here is my interview, as mentioned in my Facebook posts, with Eight Days of Hope founder, Stephen Tybor, and local volunteer and friend, Michel Lanclos, who spent 4 days with Eight Days of Hope when they came here in June of this year. Her experience was life-changing, so you’ll want to listen (and volunteer!).

Stephen and his team are already on the ground and preparing to train and disseminate volunteers as I’m writing this post, and just a few UPDATES since I spoke with him and recorded my video message:

  • Eight Days of Hope is NOW accepting registration for volunteers at their website, and you can click here to sign up and be a part of their teams.
  • They have announced their location of operations since my recorded video, and you’ll hear it in my conversation with Stephen.
  • MONDAY, Labor Day, will be the first day they are training volunteers, so be sure to register and get ready to go and serve with this amazing organization! Great day to do it, since most people are off work anyway!

No matter what you do to help, whether it’s in your own backyard with your neighbors, or with a group like this one, or even donating supplies or financially, please pray and ask God how He would like YOU to do something, anything, to be a light to someone in need right now. Every little bit of love we give reinforces to others just how much He loves each and every one of us.

If you decide to go out and serve and want to share your stories of love and hope with me, please send them to cori@cspotlight.com, along with any images you have permission to share (if they have those you’ve rescued in them, please ask permission to share them publicly with us—remember this is a very raw and difficult time of loss for many, and some don’t want that shared).

Please take a few moments to watch/listen to the video below. Thank you and God bless!!!

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