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Echoes in ETERNITY

Reflection with Dr. Sean McDowell & Dr. Alex McFarland

By Jim Phelps


In a not so distant past, sexuality and gender were easily defined. One’s maleness or femaleness were blatantly obvious. However, in today’s society, the lines of distinction between the two are becoming more and more blurred.

In two recent interviews, these topics were addressed by Dr. Sean McDowell and Dr. Alex McFarland. Sean is an incredibly gifted communicator and apologist, and Alex is leading religion and culture expert. Both have authored over 18 books. On the occasion we spoke to them, here’s part of what they said:

CSpot: With an increasing tolerance of so-called same sex marriage in our society, how do we stand confident in the authority of Scripture, and remain loving and compassionate to those who may be caught up in that lifestyle?

sean-20130808-6-1Sean: Well, the first thing that we really need to know is why we think the Bible is true. There are increasing pressures. And in fact, having increasing relationships with people who see the world differently can be very persuasive to people not grounded in the authority of Scripture.

So, my first encouragement for Christians is: have you picked up a book like More than a Carpenter? Have you studied the evidence, so you can really know, historically speaking, that Scriptures are reliable and they’re true?

Second, when it comes to issues like same sex marriage that you mentioned, Christians need to know not just what the Bible says about it, but why. And I wrote a book on this with my friend, John Stonestreet, and it’s just called Same Sex Marriage.

We make a case from the Bible that marriage is designed to be between one man and one woman in a committed, monogamous relationship for life, and that is a relationship that is at least oriented toward the having and raising of kids.


Sean goes on to share that there’s also a case that can be made for marriage outside of Scripture. Hear about this, and much more, by listening to the podcast.


to more of SEAN’S interview


CSpot: From a Biblical standpoint – I’m going to get you to parallel Bible and science here – what’s the difference (some of these are obvious, of course) between male and female?

Alex: Well, physiologically, there are differences, obviously, between male and female. There are XY chromosomes that males carry; females do not. Males can impregnate females. Females cannot impregnate males.

So, there are physiological differences, but what I’m about to say is viewed by many as being very politically incorrect: there are emotional and psychological differences. There are neurological differences.

Now, in no way is one sex or one gender superior to the other. In the Biblical worldview, males and females are equal. Equal in worth and value to God. Equal in personhood. Definitely equal in so many ways, but unique in function.

Now, some females are more intelligent than some males. Some males have greater strengths in areas that one given female may not have.

But we want to be very, very clear because if people listen to The View and Joy Behar, or much of what’s been part of the feminist movement over the last 40 years – I mean, if you begin at all to defend traditional gender roles, they think you’re a misogynist, you hate women, or you’re heterosexist. You are biased.

We want to say this, look, in the Biblical worldview and in the scientific reality, males and females are different. Doesn’t mean one is better than the other. Doesn’t mean one is to be subjugated or exploited or dominated. But it just means they are different.


Learn more from Alex by listening to the full length interview.


to more of ALEX’S interview

Both Dr. McDowell and Dr. McFarland will be speaking at the “Created to Reflect” conference in Tupelo, Mississippi. The conference begins on March 17 with a concert in the evening, and is followed by both speakers on March 18. For more visit,



Jim Phelps and his wife, Cori, are passionate followers of Christ. Jim is particularly interested in mobilizing men and strengthening small groups.



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