Death to distraction Death to distraction
Death to distraction


By Nick Sigur


   I never seem to have enough time for things like prayer and bible study. I decided to make war on some of the high-tech, time-robbing distractions in my life.

Social media

    If you can’t completely give up Facebook or whatever social media steals your time, try turning off the notifications. You won’t be distracted every time a “friend” makes a post or comment. I went to Facebook, the “Settings,” next “Notifications,” and turned them all off. 

Smart Phone

   On my iPhone, I went to “Settings,” and then “Notifications.” You probably want notifications from The Weather Channel, but maybe not from Candy Crush. I turned off about 90 percent of my notifications. So far, I haven’t missed anything important…but how would I know?


   I use Gmail, but for whatever you use, there is probably something you can do about the emails you always delete. In Gmail, I set up filters. I click on an email I don’t want, click on “Filters,” and then I can set them to be deleted or “Skip the Inbox” which means they are archived. If archived, I can search them out if I ever need them. Be sure to apply the filter to all emails that fit the criteria and “poof!” They are gone. Another distraction bites the dust.


   Finally, I turned off my TV. I don’t mean permanently—which might not be a bad idea. I used to work with the TV on. Now I just turn it on when I want to watch something. Then I turn it off again. 

YouVersion Bible

   Use your newly found free time constructively. I recommend the YouVersion Bible app. You can sign up for devotionals or bible reading plans. You can even invite “friends” to join in your newly found, focus on Jesus.

Nick Sigur has practiced law and ministered with his wife out of their Broussard home for 34 years. Nick writes an almost daily blog at Email or text  337-205-2353 with your questions. 

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