Dare 2 Share Live, September 23 Dare 2 Share Live, September 23
Dare 2 Share Live, September 23

Hosted by First Baptist Lafayette

What is Dare 2 Share Live?
D2S Live is a national, live, training and outreach event designed to spark a movement of Gospel conversations through teens throughout the nation. The mission: to mobilize a generation to reach their generation, and to step out and share the good news of Jesus. This one day event will ignite a movement within youth ministry and within the church at large!

What’s the goal of D2S Live?
Nothing transforms a student like seeing someone respond to the gospel! Once experienced, it’s a game-changer—excitement is uncontainable and their energy makes them an unstoppable force. Now imagine 50,000 teenagers using all their social media power to tell engage their classmates and teammates online with a movement of gospel conversations!

Who will be there?
First Baptist Church of Lafayette will be 1 of the 50+ national host sites. Driven from one live event in Denver, CO, thousands of teenagers and adult leaders will be inspired and equipped to share the good news of the Gospel…and then, at the EXACT same time…released into their communities to share the message and serve with love! Parents, make this a time of family ministry by joining your teen, then you’ll be there to take them as they head out into the community with others!

For my youth ministry?
Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 23, 2017. Start promoting it to your students and parents, church and circle of friends and family. Chat about it with other youth leaders, churches, and ministries focused on youth, who’d want to be a part of this Gospelizing Event. Register, and see you all there!

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