Congressman Clay Higgins Congressman Clay Higgins
Congressman Clay Higgins

Seeking the high ground in the swamp

By Christian Lewis


Christian: Congressman, since our last interview when you were a Deputy Sheriff, you’ve become a Congressman. To what do you attribute your ascension to this office?

Rep. Higgins: I would say that ascension is a journey, not a destination, and I’m on that journey. I’m on that journey for Christ, and my participation in this political realm – which is a bizarre realm – was not something that I had ever anticipated until after my resignation from the Sheriff’s Office. God is interactive in our lives—and we know it if we just look.

Somehow, my meeting you, towards the end of 2015 and the Covenant Spotlight issue of March of 2016, being released on the day of my resignation, somehow, that was one of the indicators from our Savior that I had a changing path ahead of me and that I needed to don the full armor of God and let faith be my shield and move forward. And that’s what I did, man.

Christian: Pres. Trump described Washington in his campaign as a swamp. Have you found that to be the case?

Rep. Higgins: Being from South Louisiana, I’m very familiar with the swamp, and the swamp is full of marshland. And the marsh has many high spots that are quite navigable, where you would pitch a tent or build a camp.

It’s been uplifting for me to discover the high points of the swamp here. In other words, this entire town is not submerged in swampy water. There are some very high points here. I’ve met some incredibly dedicated, patriotic servants of America – men and women that have given their best life’s effort to serve what they envision to be the path to a brighter future for the America that they love. I have to tell you, Christian, that’s been very uplifting to me, since I’ve been here. I wasn’t really expecting that. And I pay very close attention to those men and women, because they have wisdom.

So, yes, Washington is a swamp. The murky and dark waters of the swamp are certainly riddled with areas of high land, and those are the men and women, my colleagues that I serve with here in Washington that I have found to be true patriots.

Christian: VP Pence recently caught heat from some for stating he would not dine or be alone with another woman. What safeguards do you have in place as a Christian to protect yourself from any such problems in Washington?

Rep. Higgins: I have my history as a failed and fallen man that has girded me with the strength of a redeemed spirit and a hardened determination to follow our Father’s will. And I am a happily married man devoted to my beautiful wife, Becca. I could be alone with a thousand women, and I mean no disrespect to Vice President Pence. I’m quite sure what he was referring to was the level of scrutiny and the potential for lies and deceit. That certainly exists.

Christian: What do you consider so far to be your accomplishments as a Congressman?

Rep. Higgins: One of my accomplishments, thus far, is being rewarded by our Savior, based upon my sincere and deep and constant prayerful request, with a powerful, intelligent, Christian-principled staff across Louisiana, in the Lafayette office and Lake Charles office, and here in D.C.. Man, I have—I’m telling you, brother—I have a staff that is second to none.

Another accomplishment would be getting a positive, Christian-principled, common sense legislation through the House. Essentially it was a common sense bill, demanding accountability for major expenditures out of Homeland Security. Amazingly, I discovered that what they call major projects in Homeland Security or in the Federal Government—a major project at your house or my house is a couple hundred bucks, but for the Federal Government, it’s $300 million.

And, amazingly, there was no one person accountable for that project. There’s no one to provide proof of a cost-benefit analysis. No one was to blame if it was wrong. There was no one to interview to hold them accountable. So, we got that bill passed, and that taught me a lot.

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    November 26, 2017 #1 Author

    This great man with the help of other great men and women will do great things
    True Patriot


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