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Commissioned to rescue Commissioned to rescue
Commissioned to rescue

Slope of injustice

By Pastor Brandon Nealy


Rescue those who are being taken away to death; hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter.~Proverbs 24:11-12 ESV


The precise historical setting of this proverb is not known to us. Have these stumbling souls been taken captive in war? Are they kidnapped slaves stowed in the undercarriage of a ship? Perhaps these “stumbling” ones are children offered to Molech? While the precise historical setting of this proverb is unknown the principle remains: The Church is commissioned to rescue!


The slope of injustice


Societies not yet fully transformed by the Word remain under the influence of darkness. Men believe lies for good news and call injustice justice. As a consequence, there are those within every society that by the nature of this “slope,” tend to stumble to slaughter. Their feet slip on the slanted ways of this world, the inevitable trajectory: their unjust and untimely death. To this unjust slope the Church is called into action. In the words of the proverb, we are to hold back those stumbling.

There are many injustices in our nation but if measured by litre, none compare to ​our government’s commercialized infanticide. This human harvest cries the loudest to the Lord. Yet, to our ears the whimpers remain muffled by janitorial napkins. Why! Why do infants so easily slip to slaughter? Well, our nation is on slant– off kilter as judged by God’s Law. For example, sexual deviancy is celebrated. Feminism continues its castration of biblical masculinity. Where are all the fathers? They’ve been excused from the table. “Hey children, meet your new daddy, his name is Caesar.”

Add to this the moral corruption and/or passivity of our elected officials many of which were put into office by dufflepuds in the pew. Pastors have sharpened the skills of ambiguity. Prophetic angst is shushed with reminders that Jesus was nice. “No more ribbon cuttings and golden shovels for you, Pastor.” Stir this all together and what do you have? A cordial cocktail of complicity and passivity—a lukewarm emetic to the Lord.


Not too late to repent


But, it’s not too late to turn. While unjust bloodshed is the mark of dark regimes from Pharaoh to Planned Parenthood, the Church (from the midwives to Corrie Ten Boom) has been known for ​rescuing​ those who are being taken away to death. It was the early church who rescued the discarded infants of Rome. It was Christian nations taught by the church who widely curbed, and in some places, eradicated the slave trade near the end of the 10th century in Europe. It was Christians who rose up again to abolish the slave trade in the United Kingdom in the 18th century and then again in the United States.

Today that call remains. We must rescue! Today, while much of the Church greases the skids, tomorrow, in the name of Christ, we could pull the brakes! We must pray, “Thy will be done on earth.” Then we must rise and offer ourselves as the agents through which God answers this prayer.

May God give us the grace needed to despise the head wagging we will receive for engaging. May God give us the necessary wisdom to demonstrate to the world the biblical definition of love and justice. May we once again be filled with the Spirit to follow the Great Commission and teach our nation to ​obey—to obey all Jesus commanded. It is then we will see justice roll from heaven and the slope of this world level out to align itself with the character and law of Christ our King.

Brandon Nealy is the lead pastor of Christ Church, a multisite church in Acadiana. He is a graduate of Westminster Christian and UL. His passion is scripture memory, reading and spending time with his family. He hopes to see Acadiana won for Christ!

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