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Coming to the cross Coming to the cross
When brokenness leads to grace By Pastor Jacob Steele Is there a need for unity in the church, and, if so, how important is... Coming to the cross

When brokenness leads to grace

By Pastor Jacob Steele

Is there a need for unity in the church, and, if so, how important is it? My response to that question is one that I found in my own life: an overwhelming, “Yes!” I concluded where there is a lack of unity is because brokenness is not present.

When a person is truly broken, it is there when we can only rely upon God. A person that is broken can no longer rely upon his own strengths and talents to get him where he wants to get in life.

In essence, without brokenness a person does not need the help of the others, which is the absence of unity. When a person puts his complete trust and submits his all to something he cannot even see, that is true strength and when your faith truly comes alive.

You see God is not looking for the strong and powerful but rather the ones who bow before Him with a trembling heart, seeking Him and nothing above Him.

It is that person who acknowledges God as the Holy One, the beginning and the end. It is that person who realizes they did not make themselves and have been brought to see they did not save themselves.

It is in this moment where true repentance and the need of a saving and everlasting God come from. Jesus cannot live fully through us until we are broken. It is there when it is His will and not ours.

I believe to become truly broken is to be brought to the cross where we see the greatest gift to mankind. It is there when we see the face of grace and love crowned with a crown of thorns.

It is there we see the nail-pierced hands and feet of a savior who knew no wrong but who took the fall to embrace our sorrows. We come to know every tear that fell from His children’s faces and took a stand so we wouldn’t have to.

   It is there when He drank the bitter cup of our disgraceful sins. Jesus Himself became completely broken when He said, “…not My will, but Yours, be done.” Luke 22:42 NKJV

So the process of true brokenness is to gaze upon His face and realize it is not Jesus’ cross but mine. Then and there is when your heart becomes strangely melted away and where fearful tears become tears of joy. We will seek after brokenness, to be saved from ourselves, and to be love struck by a grace so glorious.

I believe we can all agree that unity is displayed throughout the whole Bible; our God himself is displayed through a triune unity.

Our first step to unity is to come to the end of us and recognize first the need of a savior and second the need of others. The great Charles Spurgeon put it best, “Be not proud of race, face or place; it’s all because of grace.”


Jacob Steele is 24 years old, has attended Our Savior’s Chuch since he was 14 years old, and went through OSC ministry internship program where he met his wife, Abigail. Now in charge of the student ministries at the OSC Lafayette Campus, he has a passion to see the younger generation come to Christ.