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Christians should seize the moment Christians should seize the moment
Christians should seize the moment

Exodus from government schools

By Alex Newman 

   There has never been a better time for parents—and especially Christian parents—to get their children out of government schools. That is the message we at Public School Exit are working to get out to pastors and families all over America. From the indoctrination and sexualization of children to the unprecedented dumbing down and now the outrageous “coronavirus” measures, the time has come. 

   When we first embarked on this mission, the idea of encouraging ALL parents to get out was seen as “fringe,” if not ridiculous. But today, the tables have turned. Talk-radio titan Rush Limbaugh, Evangelical leader Franklin Graham, former President Donald Trump, and even internationally known ministry leader and talk-show host James Dobson have now all sounded the alarm on this subject.  

   With coronavirus keeping children home from public schools around the world, our growing coalition of Christian ministry leaders, lawyers, educators, and journalists is working to make sure that once the crisis is over, millions never go back. Instead, Public School Exit (PSE) hopes to facilitate a massive—and permanent—exodus into the safe sanctuary of homeschooling and high-quality private schools. 

   On the one hand, our national team is working hard to encourage parents to try out true homeschooling—not government school at home—during the coronavirus shutdown. Just stop relying on the government, period! At the same time, we are urging parents to closely examine the material public schools are using. Most parents would be appalled.  

   On another front, we are now reaching out and working with pastors across America to advance this mission. They will be key. For one, they should preach on what the Bible says about education. It will not take long for Bible-believing pastors to recognize that God never intended His people to hand their children over to anti-Christian government for “education.”  

   Pastors also have a key role to play in making the exodus happen. Toward that goal, Public School Exit has a whole menu of options for churches to help them help parents. It will look different at each church. Some may want to start a Christian school. Others may just want to facilitate a homeschool co-op. Smaller churches may simply want to set up a virtual Christian academy. No matter what, we are here to help.  

   There are many compelling reasons for parents and pastors to protect the children from government schools right now, even if they have not been doing it before. Consider, for example, the state laws proliferating across America mandating LGBT indoctrination of all children. Radical “sex education” with roots in absolute evil, meanwhile, begins in Kindergarten. And that is just the start. 

    On the religious front, it is a grim picture. In California, a proposed new “ethnic studies” curriculum would see children chant and pray to the Aztec gods of human sacrifice and cannibalism. And as Jesus explained twice in the Gospels, whoever is not with Him is against Him. Simple question: Is your local government school with Christ?  

   Academically, the government itself admits that government schools are failing children — with devastating results. Many high-school graduates lack even basic literacy and math skills. Over two thirds of children in government schools are not even considered “proficient” in any subject, the federal government revealed in its latest test results. 

   The shutdown brought about by coronavirus has created millions of new temporary homeschool families around the world. Now is the time to strike. If you think children deserve better than the godless pseudo-“education” offered by government schools, Public School Exit leaders hope you will help spread the word.  

Alex Newman is the Executive Director of Public School Exit. 

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