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Decisions and consequences

By Dawn Gotreaux


   I had been married for 10 years, born again for less than a year when I meet her. She was young, beautiful, married, smart, and had the world in her hands. I asked her to come with me to a production at my local church. One of the scenes in the production was about abortion. The acting out of the decision, the process, the agony that the character faced.  

     Brian and I did not have any children. Ten years into our marriage and my womb was still barren. Our family only consisted of Brian and me. The scene brought me to compassion, tears, want, and grief. My new friend and I made our way to the tables at where you could sit and talk with someone about a scene if you needed counseling. We were moved to a room where she could talk to someone one-on-one. When the person came in and asked why the scene of abortion bothered her, she said it was because just last week she had an abortion. The baby wasn’t her husband’s and she didn’t need the drama. My heart sank. Why, Lord, would you place me in the room with her?! As empty as my heart and womb were for a child, my new friend had just aborted hers.  

     Fast forward a few years, new young ladies were brought into my path. They chose a different path. They chose life. They chose adoption. My heart had been filled with a new love, a new joy, a new purpose. Our family would include a son, and then another, and then another. It was the most amazing experience and continues to be amazing.  

      My new friend I mentioned in the beginning of the story…well, at the time she didn’t choose life, she didn’t choose Christ. She left for another state and her marriage fell apart. I lost contact with her. I have thought about her through the years. I hope that her heart was healed with the love of the Lord. Decisions and consequences direct our paths. Would you let me encourage you to make the hard decisions? Life isn’t easy, however with God at the front it’s your best option.  When you choose life, it is Life! Trust to see what God has in mind for you!

Brian & Dawn have been married for 30 years and are parents to 10 amazing children, by adoption. Both are also a full-time, realtor team with Keller Williams. 

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