Kingdom Men Rising
An important film for men by Dr. Tony Evans here    What do Heisman Trophy-winner Tim Brown, Super Bowl-winning Coach Tony Dungy, NFL Vice President Troy Vincent, Grammy Award-winners Kirk Franklin and Lecrae, and former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Jon Kitna have in common? They are all “Kingdom” men—embracing and walking...
The great need

The great need

Lifestyle Jun 1, 2019 0

Turning boys into men By Bryan Fischer     The gravest challenge our culture faces today is the crisis of masculinity. The American Psychological Association has labeled traditional masculinity—strength, aggression, stoicism—as something “toxic.” The APA is saying that our problem in America is with traditional American masculinity. But it’s what the...
Respecting life with local resources
A Pregnancy Center & Clinic    Are you pregnant and not sure what to do or where to go for help? Then we want to help you! APCC is located at 913 South College Road, Suite 206, Lafayette, LA, 70503, and is a FREE medical clinic and educational resource center established...
Hope Recovery Center
Freedom through Christ after addiction In 2017, there were over 72,000 drug overdose deaths, nearly 200 per day, in the U.S. While cure rates for addiction are 5%-30% for secular programs, scientific studies show a 67%-86% success rate for Christian 12-month programs. In 2013, Tim Cormier, a former pastor... Read more