Covenant Spotlight
October 2019 Issue Sponsor
Envirocon Services    Few of us here in Acadiana can say we have not experienced the frustration, destructiveness, inconvenience and expense of unexpected flooding, busted water pipes or overflowing A/C drain pans, and mold damage or mildew issues. Thankfully, our community is blessed with issue sponsor and co-owners, Dwayne Dugas...
‘Tis the season
Trinity Outdoors Disabled Adventures By Jason Bland       Alligators, ducks, deer, squirrels, rabbits, hogs, frogs, dogs, specs, and reds…How many of us anticipate the coming of a season? Have you ever been lost in the woods? Ever been in a position where your child disappeared out of your...
Business Spotlight    This month we feature our supporter, Scott Huber, owner of Accolades, and his team of folks with hearts to serve businesses and help them reach both their targeted markets and their fullest potential!   CSpotlight: Catalyst for the start of Accolades IT?  Scott: I worked in corporate...
Hope Recovery Center
Freedom through Christ after addiction In 2017, there were over 72,000 drug overdose deaths, nearly 200 per day, in the U.S. While cure rates for addiction are 5%-30% for secular programs, scientific studies show a 67%-86% success rate for Christian 12-month programs. In 2013, Tim Cormier, a former pastor... Read more