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Unique capabilities of ASH Industries

   Ever take something apart and wonder “who makes all these little parts that work together so well?” Or have an idea for something greatly needed in your industry, but not sure how to go from a drawing to a reality? The answer: a visionary engineer named Hartie Spence, and his innovative team at ASH Industries! Built on the foundation of his faith and the support of a loving wife, his company and family-like team (even including two of Hartie’s sons), greets you with a smile and tackles each project with the end goal of providing a finished, high quality product to help you meet your industry potential.  

   For most of our ad partners, you can take a look at their ad and discern exactly what they have to offer, but ASH Industries is unique in that their business capabilities touch nearly every industry in the types of products they can engineer and produce for their clients, both locally and nationally. From medical devices, to defense-related products, electronic parts, industrial parts, oilfield parts, and items for industries like the Coast Guard, pool companies, and even entrepreneurial endeavors for fishermen and hunters (including items such as coolers and fishing lures), there is no project Hartie and his team won’t discuss, review and assess to determine if it can be produced to help provide solutions for their clients. 

   So how do they do it? For over 30 years, ASH Industries has continued to invest in the materials, equipment, facilities and the right team members to provide the numerous manufacturing processes needed, and the expertise to continue to make advancements when necessary. With processes including thermoplastic injection molding, metal injection molding, rotational molding, liquid injection molding, and more, Hartie’s team can determine the most cost-effective solution 

   And if these terms sound intimidating—no worries, because their website is unmatched in its detail of their processes and services, and offers in-depth descriptions of most of their industry-leading capabilities. Just give them a call to set up a consultation or check out their website to submit your specs and receive a quote. Let the brainstorming begin!  

ASH Industries was instrumental in helping BOIE take our first product concept from napkin sketches to full blown production. Our product was a new concept and we worked through material, design, and molding challenges with ASH Industries to find a resolution. Development work with ASH Industries has been seamless; as if ASH was a division of BOIE. We are now excited that we have begun our third generation of products, and we are very happy with our relationship with ASH Industries.  

~ Manuel de la Cruz, CEO of BOIE, LLC