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iPhone Repair 4 Less

   Matt Brown & Roger Queen started iPhone Repair 4 Less to create income and provide for their families.  They quickly realized that this would become way bigger than just a job title. To Matt and Roger, this is a ministry! 

   iPhone Repair 4 Less began over 10 years ago offering mobile repairs while selling accessories and devices out of their vehicles. They quickly saved up and opened their current location at the corner of Moss and Pont Des Mouton over 8 years ago. As they started building relationships while offering solutions for iPhone and iPad issues, they began to see not only their lives change but those around them would become affected as well. Roger had an encounter with a customer in 2014 that would change his perspective towards God forever. Matt has learned that it is only by God’s amazing grace that their business is thriving today, and this has increased his ability to fully rely on God. 

   Once Matt and Roger both fully surrendered their own lives to God, they would start to see God use them in their community. Matt and Roger spend every morning in devotion and prayer before they unlock the doors. They also offer a prayer box and are always willing to pray on the spot for anyone who comes into the store. God has sent every type of person to their shop over the past few years and they have gotten to see God pull people out of addictions, restore marriages, even bodies being healed. Matt and Roger are prime examples of what a business can look like when it operates at full surrender to God. 

   Treating every person equally and honoring God with their time and abilities has proven to be an excellent recipe for success. So, whether you need your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch repaired or are just wanting to stop in for prayer and encouragement, Matt and Roger are always ready to greet you with a smile! 

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