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Bikes & blessings

New children' ministry

By Amanda Elliott


   When my husband and son came home from the park that day I knew something was going to change. They had gone to the bike and skateboard ramps with their bikes for the first time since my husband, Scott, had been diagnosed with Stage 3 Lymphoma. 

He had finished chemo, a clean bill of health. I was still in treatment for breast cancer. We had a newborn baby. But, I knew when he spoke of the kids running the ramps because they had no bikes. I knew when he said “I’m not having it…” I knew he wouldn’t just ride his bike like he hadn’t seen the kids. 

   Just a few months later we opened the doors to Holy Roller United Inc., and by Christmas dozens of bikes had been given away—and more than that prayed for and prayed over. 

   The decals on the windows the slogan the Lord gave him: PRAY. PEDAL. PUSH. 

   When Scott was in treatment he revived his love for bikes when a friend gifted him a beautiful bike. He couldn’t ride at that time, but it was a promise of a day when he would ride. And it was riding his bike at the park that opened the doors to far more than a shop for bikes. 

   Wilder, 8, began riding BMX and Holy Roller became a sponsor at the local tracks. As we shared the story of God healing us both from cancer, gave away bikes, prayed for people at the shop, we began sponsoring riders. Our hope is that we bring light into every corner of the cycling world and into our community.  

   It’s our hope that each bike given to a child reaches them where they are with the love of Christ. That they feel seen, known and even loved. 

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