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Being Free Being Free
Being Free

Adoption journey

By Dawn Gotreaux


   July is here and the colors that represent freedom are most everywhere I look. I love those colors. They are bright and fresh! We lived overseas for a bit while Brian was in the military serving. When I saw the American Flag, it was a breath of fresh air for me.  In fact, any American who spoke my language was a relief!

   My limitations were obvious being overseas. We did not fit in nor look like the locals. When we changed our wardrobe to blend in, the minute I opened my mouth to speak, they knew I wasn’t one of them. It reminds me of my walk. I had twenty-seven years of serving myself.  I had no boundaries and I wasn’t fulfilled. When I gave my life to Christ, He set me free! Free to live for Him, His will. It was a struggle becoming free. I had an old mindset and old ways that needed to be replaced with His. 

   My wardrobe changed, my speech changed, my attitude changed, and my life changed. Being set free was going to be a wild ride of surrendering my will. I mean, wowzers…God had in His plan for us to be a family of twelve through adoption! 

   God set boundaries and I was free to run in His will within those boundaries. It was amazing!  He put other believers in my path that spoke my new language. It encouraged me and was a breath of fresh air! 

   I wouldn’t trade a moment of the last twenty-three years of my walk with the Lord. It hasn’t been perfect but it has been good, very good. With all good things, there is a price. I am thankful the price was paid for me, which gives me the momentum to keep moving forward! Look again and focus on the freedom and momentum that has been given to you!

Brian & Dawn have been married for 30 years and are parents to 10 amazing children, by adoption. They are full-time realtors with Keller Williams.


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