Balancing progress, faith and civility Balancing progress, faith and civility
Balancing progress, faith and civility

By Cori Phelps

Just a snapshot of our Q&A with Rep. Higgins, so LISTEN TO the ENTIRE interview BELOW to hear MORE significant questions and his COMPLETE answers, and get out and VOTE on November 6!

CSpotlight: First term in office—your accomplishments, and those most meaningful to you?

Rep. Higgins: Yes ma’am. Legislatively…our largest accomplishment is to build the foundation upon which we can accomplish legislative endeavors. The establishing of our office and our staff has just been a blessing from a loving and forgiving God…brilliant and highly-regarded…Louisiana-based men and women, patriots of the highest order, solid Christian-principled conservatives…D.C.-experienced…it’s like the Lord has manifested a beautiful formula, with a guy like me at the helm, with no political experience but a tremendous amount of passion and constitutionalist belief in my ideology.

We’ve passed 12 pieces of legislation—seven bills, four amendments, and one resolution—all of them were significant…one really touched my heart. It was a long-term care, Veteran’s choice act—HR 5693…What it does is expands access to medical foster homes for Veterans…smaller, nontraditional nursing homes—certified for full nursing care…but you only have maybe five or six patients there…So my law allows for that to happen.

We also passed…an amendment to the current…Water Resources Development Act of 2018…improving the easement process…So dredging has been a big priority…and we’ve brought more money than they’ve seen in a long time to all the parishes that I represent in South Louisiana for dredging. [More on legislation in interview audio!]

CSpotlight: Difference between a conservative constitutionalist and a constitutionalist?

Rep. Higgins: All elected officials are constitutionalists to some extent, because we’ve been elected within the parameters of the Constitution. But to be a conservative constitutionalist means you passionately stand for the constitutionalist system that our Founding Fathers manifested—I believe they were anointed…recognizing the exceptionalism of the American constitutionalist principles as having been anointed by a loving and forgiving God, that touched the hearts and souls and minds of our Founding Fathers—imperfect though they were…[they] were smart enough to recognize the natural order of the sinful nature of man, and thus they created the system…where government was to be guided by the brightly illuminated path of Christian principles—and anyone that denies that has their history wrong…therefore they created a system…filled with checks and balances…and individual rights and freedoms…you recognize the significance of our founding documents as having been anointed by God…Miss Cori, I would die before I would violate those constitutionalist principles and the rights as established in our Bill of Rights, by our Founding Fathers, of any American citizen.

CSpotlight: Is it challenging to hold to your core values in the House?

Rep. Higgins: Cori, I find myself challenged in a couple of different ways everyday…first, my job description and my work schedule is incredibly grueling, and I sleep on the floor of my office, and I work 15-16 hour days, everyday in D.C…I’m on three major committees and six subcommittees…so I’m challenged everyday by my own weakness…it’s incredibly taxing…to maintain the level of discipline and work ethic that is required for me to truly be a servant of “we the people”…that I don’t allow myself to become one of these Congressmen that does whatever his staff tells him to do, and they go to these parties and stuff every night, and I refuse to be “that guy”…it requires all my strength and focus…if you’re truly going to stand…and say “I have brought all my fight to this thing”…from your heart…then it’s really hard…That’s my challenge from within.

My challenge from without, is to try and maintain love and respect, and to seek goodness within the hearts and the intentions of some of my colleagues on both sides of the aisle, that seem to have fallen prey to the corruptive forces of politics, and money, and of their own soul—which I’m very familiar with…it’s very disheartening to see incredible hate and true vitriol from statements made that are just beyond the pale of ideological fervor…There seems to be a desire to divide our nation and that’s coming from the Left…

So that’s very challenging to my faith—for a guy that looks for goodness in people—recognizing that we’re failed and fallen since Adam, yes. But that we also have the Spirit of God within us and I believe in the redemptive nature of every human being…but I have to tell you my faith is strong…I stay in the Word…I read Proverbs everyday, over and over again…and it emboldens my faith, it uplifts me when I’m down, it encourages me when I face seemingly unending obstacles, and it brings joy to my heart that I’m serving “we the people” in the way that the Lord intends me to serve “we the people.”

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