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“Ashamed No More” “Ashamed No More”
“Ashamed No More”

New book by local author

A new book by Author Renee Minor Johnson


   Who is Renee Minor Johnson? She is an Author, Speaker, and an Ordained Minister. Her God-given gifts of speaking and writing have presented her with opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus Christ in traditional and non-traditional settings—believing every gift created by God should be used to glorify Him and build His Kingdom. 

   Renee’s inspiring testimonial message of hope has unfolded through her passion for writing and publishing two books in the past two years. Her Christian faith is the foundation, and the core message is how our true identity and knowing our worth is connected to our God-given purpose. Her books give voice to her desire to see the lives of “hope-loss” people transformed. 

   Renee’s third book, “Ashamed No More” will be released December 1st.  She describes Ashamed No More as the roadmap of her testimonial journey from a “hope-loss” place to a hope-infused, transformed life. 

    “My journey has taken me up some mountains and into some valleys…some roads were straight, and some winding; some roads, I thought I’d never get off.  It wasn’t until I allowed the power of the Holy Spirit to reveal Himself, and touch me in my broken places, that true healing happened. During the healing process, I began to understand God never changed his mind about me. My past hiccups and imperfections had (nor has) no bearing on His plans for my life.”

   Renee says walking in the authority of her true (royal) identity empowers her to live forward (meaning leaving the past behind).  She emphasizes, “Being affected (in some form) by our past is understandable, but being defined by our past is unacceptable. We are not what happened to us, we are what God called us; ROYALTY!” Attributing this revelation to her growing faith, she passionately shares this faith-filled message with everyone she meets. 

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