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Jade & Jace

   Jade is a spunky, friendly 10-year-old that has no trouble making new friends. She loves dressing up pretty and never leaves the house without a large hair bow or ribbon in her hair. Jade loves to collect unusual and oddly shaped rocks. She is a good academic student and maintains passing grades. Jade wants to make sure everyone knows that she requires lots of attention. Jade requires a family that can provide unconditional love and support. She does well in a nurturing and structured environment. Jade simply needs a family that can offer patience, consistency and love.
      Jace is a 9-year-old who lives life to the fullest. He is an affectionate child and well mannered. He can be found with a smile on his face and has a positive attitude. He is in the 4th grade and enrolled in regular education classes. He does receive speech services. Jace enjoys playing outside and loves to play football and soccer. He also loves playing Legos, watching television and playing video games. Jace has expressed his interest in becoming a police officer when he grows up. He needs a structured family that can provide him with patience, love, and attention.

   For more information call Cheryl Cotton, CWS3, Adoption Specialist with the LA Department of Children & Family Services (Lafayette Region) at 1-800-256-8611 or (337) 262-5970.

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