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Business spotlight – Interview with Scott Huber

CSpotlight: You are passionate about helping new start-up’s—why? 

Scott: Having been a start-up and actively involved with several others, you can easily see the company founders’ desire to succeed. In our opinion, that drive is important to potentially help improve the local economy as a new business grows. Not only that, the entrepreneur is the heart of the business community as a whole. We love to “grow-up” with our customers and watch them add employees, increase revenue and implement the applications and services they need to bolster that growth. We like to be a small part of advancing the local business economy.

CSpotlight: What can a business/individual expect in sitting down with your team? 

Scott: We always try to solve a business problem for our clients. In fact, we most likely will start off by saying, “We want to solve a problem or facilitate a way to drive revenue” in the opening moments of a typical customer meeting. We always try to find the right technology for a particular situation, so the majority of the time we’ll spend in discussion will be gleaning as much information about a customer’s business as possible. We don’t have any cookie cutter solutions because we feel every business is different and therefore every solution is largely unique.

CSpotlight: Without giving away your best advice, what’s one key thing you advise a business focus on at the start? 

Scott: Well, I’m biased but don’t skimp when it comes to embracing technology. Sure, you might be able to create your own website but you might want to reconsider that if you are not artistically inclined. Use professional systems as your CRM and E-Commerce solutions and anything that faces your customers. Get an email address that has your company name in the domain. You want to look as professional as possible and in this day, that means having a strong web presence and “looking like you’ve been there.” 

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