Covenant Spotlight

Antwon & Antonyo

   Antwon is a high energy seven-year-old boy. He and his twin brother love sports and superheros. Antwon enjoys playing basketball and riding skateboards. He is energetic and engaging. He is affectionate and craves the affection and attention of the adults in his life. He has a passionate personality. Antwon is in the second grade. He struggles academically and requires parents who are committed to working with him and advocating for him.

   Antonyo is the twin brother of Antwon and like most brothers, they share similar interest. Antonyo likes playing basketball and playing with toy race cars. He is affectionate and talkative. He craves the affection and attention of the adults in his life. Antonyo is energetic, engaging and is excelling academically. Both brothers are looking for a forever family where they both can thrive and reach their full potential.

   If you are a certified foster family and want more information on this sibling group, please contact the Lafayette region DCFS at (337) 262-5970. If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, or fostering to adopt, please contact your local DCFS to attend a new foster parent orientation. 

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