A year of dresses A year of dresses
A year of dresses

Making a difference is possible

By Robin Price


   Women are resilient. Throughout history, you can find stories of impossible situations conquered by brave women who rose to the occasion with grace and grit. It’s how God designed us! 

   Despite our knack for survival, women face obstacles unique to our gender. These hurdles take the form of injustices that vary according to a woman’s culture, upbringing, religion, and other factors. 

   In recent years the hot topic of human trafficking has been made famous by movies such as Taken and organizations like A21. Since then, other non-profits and political leaders have taken up the cause to rescue victims and stop human trafficking. 

   What many don’t realize is that this is only one among dozens of injustices that women face globally. 

   Did you know that there are an estimated 200 million women missing from the world’s population due to gendercide? Or that girls in the developing world are often shamed out of school when they get their periods? Or that women are often not permitted to share ownership of their husbands’ property?

   One of the most common frustrations I hear when talking about these issues is, “I wish I knew what I could do to help!” It can be difficult to hear about these complex issues that we rarely can impact first-hand, especially when so many organizations turn out to be irresponsible and untrustworthy. 

   This is how A Year of Dresses was born. I wanted to raise awareness of these injustices while also directing people to vetted organizations that are fighting for these women. Each month I highlight a different issue; for example, I will be talking about Motherhood throughout the month of May, showcasing the struggles women face as they attempt to raise their children. And of course, every day I wear a dress in solidarity with my global sisterhood. 

Robin Price works as the Outreach Director at Crossroads Church and as an advocate for women on her website, ayearofdresses.org. She is madly in love with Jesus, her husband Eli, and coffee. 

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