A Cowboy’s Heaven A Cowboy’s Heaven
A Cowboy’s Heaven

The man behind the poem

By Keith Estilette

My father-in-law was Wilson Clavelle. He was well known in the Carencro area. He loved horses. He owned several of them during his lifetime. He also loved his cowboy hat. Many people had never seen him without his cowboy hat. When he passed away the funeral director stated, “I don’t think I remember what Mr. Wilson looked like without his hat”. With that said, we decided to place it on him as we laid him to rest. My mother-in-law asked me to speak for his memorial service.

I started out by saying, “Any cowboy can be buried with his boots, but it takes a special cowboy to be buried with his hat on.” I also felt led to write a poem about what it would be like when a cowboy entered heaven. The Lord gave me this poem in about 10 minutes time. I read the poem for his memorial service. I’m sure this poem will touch many as they read it, especially those who love horses.

But, it’s not just about cowboys and horses; it’s about the joys that await us on the other side.

The Bible states: “Honor your father and mother.” It’s with much humbleness and gratitude that I share this poem with you. It’s with much expectancy that I await the day that I walk into my father-in-law’s “new barn” and shout to him, “Saddle up, Mr. Wilson . . . it’s time for us to ride!”

“A Cowboy’s Heaven”

Seems an ol’ Cowboy has left the trail

He’s riding now in Glory

And with all the jokes he used to tell

Well, now he’s got a Different Story

The grass is green, the hills are high

Like in a Western Movie

The air is fresh, the sky is clear

As an angel hollered to me

Saddle up, it’s time to go

We’re riding to the Throne

As a host of angels mounted up

I knew I wouldn’t be riding alone

Then much to my amazement

I couldn’t believe my eyes

why, my friends and family who’d passed on

They’re riding on this ride

Then all the riders mounted up

It brought tears to my eyes

As I hollered to an angel

I have no horse to ride

He grabbed my arm and said “Ride with me

I’ll take you to the barn”

I’ve never rode a horse so fast

Yet, I had no fear of being thrown

In the distant horizon I saw the barn

As that angel said to me

“Lets dismount and walk from here

I’ve something for you to see”

The barn was the biggest I’ve ever seen

It’s hall was long and wide

The horses were the finest that heaven had to offer

I wondered which one was mine

And then I turned to the angel and asked

“Which one do I chose?”

He said, “Cowboy, this barn is yours

Every horse belongs to You!”

Saddle up Cowboy…it’s time for You to ride!

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