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Clap-N-Praise & 2 Navy Vets Foundation Clap-N-Praise & 2 Navy Vets Foundation
Clap-N-Praise & 2 Navy Vets Foundation

Seasonings with a purpose!

CSpotlight: Who is the focus of your outreach? 

C-N-P: Initially, we began as a family project to show our kids the meaning of being a service to others. That day we noticed a few adjectives that should not exist like HOMELESS-HUNGRY-VETERANS. We saw homeless mothers with kids, and young people who had aged out of the foster system without any assistance or guidance. In 2018, we lost US Army Veteran Wilfred A. Polk Jr, my wife’s brother. After looking in his records, we notice some alerting things that should have been addressed. At that point our focus was clear. We decided to do our best to never leave another veteran brother or sister go uninformed on who, where, and how to get the necessary help.

   Through our feeding, hygienic care packages (purple “Blessing Bag” pictured), alternative shelter and information hub projects, we focused on assisting veterans. Assistance with the VA for medical, compassion benefits, as well as other organizations that can better assist their needs. My wife’s passion for foster kids and homeless mothers drove us to do our best to ensure they can get assistance from any organizations to satisfy their needs also.

   The simple answer to who is the focus on — “HUMANKIND.”

This is our passion; to serve in whatever capacity we can.

If we can save one person from committing suicide…

If we can help one person receive medical treatment…

If we can get one homeless veteran or displaced person off the street…

If we can help one person or other organizations succeed…

IF, IF, only IF!

We are here to help with the IF.

CSpotlight:  How did seasonings become a means to do more?

C-N-P: Since 2014, we serviced people in our region with our personal finances, and assistance from great friends. After a date night cooking competition between husband and wife, a neighbor made a donation and pitched the idea of us sending our first recipe to a local manufacturer to package it and use the profit to generate more funding for our projects.  

   Days later after purchasing some popcorn and cookies from some other organizations, the idea made sense. If many organizations sold items to fund their efforts, then we could do the same. Everyone loves great seasonings and everyone has a desire to help others, therefore, the brand Clap-N-Praise Seasonings was born for the purpose of funding the 2 Navy Vets Foundation mission and vision. Sales from the seasonings at farmers markets, festival, and the online store gave us more funding to do more. We went from feeding and providing items for 10 or 20 people, to up to at least 200 people.  

CSpotlight:  What do you pray is the future of your ministry?

C-N-P: Our prayers for the future is for sales from Clap-N-Praise Seasonings to grow enough to provide a substantial amount of funding for the 2 Navy Vets Foundation to transition into a philanthropy organization. Presently, we are providing an immediate response that’s focused primarily on rescue and relief for veterans. Philanthropy is more long-term, more strategic, focused on rebuilding, and improves the wellbeing of humankind by preventing and solving social problems. 

   Our prayer is to one day provide transitional housing, as well as employment, so individuals will have the resources to care for themselves. Our prayers are to provide opportunities to learn and apply skills such as good work ethics, basic financial budgeting, critical thinking, problem-solving, managing process and of course charity and love. 

   Our prayers are to follow instruction from John 15:12: “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.” We seek to do as the author Tecumseh, who said it gracefully, “Seek to make your life long and its purpose in the service of your people.”

Location credit and special thanks to Cafe 329

Location credit and special thanks to Cafe 329


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